Hey! I’m Valynn, welcome to Vanillyn Bakery. The name Vanillyn is a combination of Vanilla (my favourite ingredient) & Valynn. I started this blog way back in 2012 when I was an accountant that spent A LOT of time baking when I’m not working on excel spreadsheets. It seems like documenting and sharing the recipes I discovered along my baking journey is the natural thing to do. So I decided to share some of my favourite recipes in this little space I call Vanillyn. Over here, you will find me ranting mostly on the subject of desserts and some travels. I LOVE Japan so you will find a bit more on Japan travels.

I don’t have a favourite dessert because its just too hard to chose one favourite. But if I get to chose a few, then I’ll pick chewy chocolate chip cookie, mont blanc tart and cake, mille-feuille, taro roll cake and any kind of bread. Ok I know bread is not a dessert (#breadislife) but I do enjoy baking bread. It’s a whole different game that I’m TOTALLY HOOKED to it.

Outside of this little space, I try to lead a balance lifestyle by making healthier food choices to balance out my insatiable sweet tooth. I practice yoga and meditation regularly and enjoy a good book with properly brewed tea or coffee, often accompanied with a side of sweet treat. A book junkie, I’m most happy in bookstores and the libraries. My secret dream (not so secret now) is to own a little bookstore cafe. Maybe, just maybe someday…

Over here, you will find the food I enjoy making and eating. I hope you can find a lot of somethings here that make their way to your table.

Thanks for being here!

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