Sunday Favourites #2

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Sunday Favourites!

Weather was unpredictable recently so I’ve been putting off my cycling routine and trekking plans. Apart from developing menu for my online dessert shop, I’ve been practising homemade bread, catch up on reading, cooking for the family (check out my multi-colour honey garlic roasted carrots I made👇🏼) and catch up with friends. Since I’m working alone most of the time, I tend to get uptight more frequent than I should so wine and dine with friends is so important to help me let go and relax.

Hope you enjoy this post and have a lovely Sunday!

From my camera

Chanced upon these multi-colour carrots from NTUC recently and made them into Honey Garlic Roasted Carrots. I used this recipe but swap the butter with olive oil.

Freshly chopped

Coated with honey garlic glaze and fresh thyme

Roasted. It was delicious!

Inspirations from Pinterest

Reminder (photo)

Fearless (photo)

This Parfait! (photo)

Coffee & Plants (photo)

Binge watch & read

  • What did you eat yesterday きのう何食べた I really enjoyed this Japanese TV drama based on a manga by Fumi Yoshinaga. The story is based on the life of a gay couple, both in their 40s. Their life centred around frugal homemade food. More of a food drama than LGBT drama. I found it relaxing to watch, with many heartwarming scenes and inspirations for cooking. There was a scene when Shiro was making strawberry jam where I was particularly drawn into because the way he made the jam reminds me of the time I made strawberry jam for my scones bake sale. I absolutely enjoy making jams.
  • Korean Cold Noodle Rhapsody. I remember watching this on a hot day while enjoying a bowl of hot ramyeon. Minutes into the show and I wish I was eating cold noodle instead.
  • Your Dream Life Starts Here – I bought this book ages ago from Kikki.k but didn’t get into it seriously. Recently I felt like I really need to put in more focus on realising my dream life so I’ve been diligently working through this book. It has been really helpful so far!
  • Imagine Heaven. My bedtime read. Reading this makes me feel more connected to God.

Food cravings

Cold and refreshing Naengmyeon

Kimchi pancake was really good. Thin & crunchy!

I will always order seafood bean paste soup whenever in a Korean restaurant.

Post-Hospital Playlist cravings… so we ordered this Kimchi Pork Belly.

Though personally I don’t enjoy pork belly, this was quite good. I particularly like the grilled kimchi. Very tasty.

My shopping basket

Tea-infused dessert recipes to try

royal milk tea chiffon cakeRoyal Milk Tea Chiffon Cake with Cream

Thai Milk Tea Soufflé Roll

Hojicha Madeleines

White Tea Jelly, Lychee & Vanilla Panna Cotta

Earl Grey Tea Loaf with White Chocolate Ganache

Tea Flavoured Creme Brûlée

Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming recipe…

Orh Nee Tarts

Have a lovely Sunday!

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