BEST Chicken Ramen! The Blue’s Noodles 麺屋ブルーズ

We inadvertently discovered this awesome ramen restaurant situated at a corner of a junction not far from Fujinomiya Station. Seeing a line formed from the front of the restaurant in a very quiet surrounding, the curiosity in us don’t want to miss out because if there are people willing to queue for something it means good stuff right?? And the white and blue signboard also revealed that it’s a noodle place. We LOVE noodles!

There’s also a standing board by the edge outside the restuarant with both Japanese and English menu displayed on it. From the menu, we discovered that this place serves ramen and without hesitation, we got in the line. Because RAMEN!

While queuing, we did a quick google and found out that their ramen has won an award recently. Blue’s Noodles Chicken Ramen was ranked Number One on Shizuoka’s Strongest Ramen Grand Prix 2019 in Eastern Izu District. Well that explains.

The good thing about this restaurant is that they offer half portions on most of the items on the menu. You can order the mini ramen which is about half of the regular size. If you are a small eater, not hungry or just want to try varieties of food as much as you can, then this size is perfect. They also offer gyoza in 3 or 6 pieces which is great especially for lone diner. The gyoza were very fresh and juicy (I forgot to take picture of the gyoza. Sorry!). The soup base of the ramen is neither tonkotsu, shio nor shoyu. Instead it’s a kind of its own, a blend made with chicken raised in Fujinomiya and fish stock from Numazu. Both are cities within Shizuoka Prefecture. The noodles are the thin and straight type where they procure from a long established noodle shop in Fujinomiya. I think this kind of tells us that they source most of their ingredients locally.

We each ordered a mini ramen since we weren’t hungry yet. The mini ramen came with a round slice of flavourful boiled chicken, a sheet of seaweed, half a sweet small tomato, silvers of fresh ginger and leaves (I think it was shiso leaves). I added a seasoned ramen egg for good measure. The BROTH, I can’t even find the right words to describe how awesome it was. Truly LIQUID GOLD. The addition of the tomato, ginger and shiso leaves were refreshing and special. The ramen egg however was a little overdone. Overall, what I can say is that this is BY far the best chicken ramen I’ve had!

Menya-Blues 麺屋ブルーズ

8-7,Omiyachou, Fujinomiya-City, Shizuoka, Japan
TEL 0544(24)2760

Business hours

Noon 11: 30 – 14: 00
Night 17: 30 – 21 : 30 [Closed Mondays / 1st and 3rd Tuesdays]

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