ABC Cooking Studio Singapore x CLAIR Summer Trip to Kagawa ~ Mitoyo Part 2

This part of the trip was most interesting and fruitful. First we learn how to make the popular Sanuki udon by hand and followed by a trip to the peach farm where we get to pick peaches and eat them right off the tree!

Udon House is a very special place with a very interesting concept. They offer cooking lessons, culture trip around the town and is also a guesthouse. Our udon making session was a media preview so it was like a crash course, from sharing with us the history of udon, the various types of udon and learning to make it from scratch guided by noodle master Nobuchika Higashida. We also get to eat the udon made by the master as well as the ones made by ourselves. So yes, we ate two bowls of udon in a span of half a day. Not complaining, it was the best udon I’d ever eaten.

Briefing on the history and various types of udon

The ingredients used for the stock bases

Tasting stocks. Four types based on the ingredients in the above image

Begin by mixing the ingredients into a dough

The initial stage

Ready for the fun part?

Stepping the dough! Feel free to do a little dance 🙂

My baby dough…

The challenging part was to roll the dough evenly

Cutting the noodles with the noodle cutter machine and then twist the noodles before placing them into the container

That’s it. Ready to cook!

Cooking it and setting the timer. Timing is important!

Steaming hot soup udon prepared by the master, with a side of kakiage tempura. Oiishi! Noticed that chopstick? It was a gift from the Governor of Kagawa and we ate the udon with the chopsticks for an ultimate experience.

And… Tadah! This was made by myself! I chose to make the dry version since I already had the soup one from the master and how can one resist that perfectly cooked onsen egg??


Since this was a media preview, the entire event was filmed by members of the media and it was on NHK news in the very evening!

Do check out Udon House for their interesting and educational programs 🙂

A memorable fun-filled day indeed!

There were various publications that wrote about the Udon House in Mitoyo, Kagawa. You can read up to know more about this amazing fun place Here, here & here. Perhaps consider it for your next travel plan?

Udon House

1651−3 Toyonakacho Okamoto, Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture

Next location was a truly fruitful one. Peach picking at the peach farm!

In my previous post I mentioned about the amazing deconstructed peach desserts where Cafe De Flots used peaches supplied by Mr. Hosokawa from his peach farm, Hosokawa Farm. Having tasted the peaches, we already knew we were in for a real treat. Let’s start picking!

So many ripe peaches! Choosing which to pick was the most difficult decision ever. Once we select and picked our peaches, to congratulate we shout MOMO! Look at these BIG FAT JUICY MOMO!

We were treated to this momo feast by a little bench under a makeshift shelter. Can’t stop eating them! They also used some of the overripe peaches to make packets of momo freeze pop. It was a godsend in that scorching heat!

Mr. Hosokawa’s mom. She was amazing and very friendly, an expert in peaches. She knows a good one just by one look of it.

I ended up packing six fat peaches and hand-carry them back home to Singapore. Peach picking at Hosokawa Farm is not open to public at the moment and I’m not sure where they normally supply their peaches. From what I know, they might consider opening to public for their peach picking experience in the future during peach season. For now, when season is in and craving hits, will have to depend on Don Don Donki to bring in nice juicy peaches on their racks.

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