Weekend in Hong Kong

I recently had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong for a weekend which I managed to eat a lot of things in three days. Hong Kong is always busy, super packed and fast-paced. Not a relaxing weekend for me but a yummy one. Since the trip was short, I was lazy to bring my camera so all the pictures here were shot with phone camera with minimal editing.

It was about lunch time after checked-in to hotel, I picked Le Cafe Joel Robuchon for lunch. I had a 3-course set lunch that comes with a complimentary bread basket with cold butter, a starter, main course & dessert.

I love that the bread came really warm and soft.

Starter was Scallops in pumpkin sauce. Juicy, sweet and satisfying.

Pan-seared cod fish with daikon and miso cream sauce.

Dessert was white chocolate passion fruit mousse cake. Not too sweet and the passion fruit was very fragrant.

In the same mall, we headed to Coffee Academics for an afternoon pick-me-up. Couldn’t resist the coffee mille crepe cake in the cake shelf, a slice to go with Okinawa coffee and blended hot tea.

I met a friend for dinner at Causeway Bay. She loves hotpot and brought me to Little Sheep 小肥羊 a Mongolian chain eatery.

We wanted wanton noodles for breakfast the next day and my friend recommended Aberdeen Fishball & Noodles Restaurant which was walking distance from the hotel I stayed. The noodles are springy soaking in thin milky soup and the wantons were huge.

We hopped two streets away from the noodle place to Via Tokyo. This little dessert place serves traditional Japanese desserts and soft serve ice cream.

Matcha hojicha swirl softserve, shiratama balls, matcha mochi and adzuki bean paste in a cone.

Matcha softserve with kinako powder, shiratama balls and adzuki bean paste. I super love this, and will be back for more the next time I visit Hong Kong again.

We skipped lunch for Japanese afternoon tea at Nobu. Stunning view of the harbour and a relaxing environment. The fancy T-set arrived lavishly with dry ice effect but I wasn’t fast enough to capture the plush smoke on photo.

The server explained every dish by the order we should eat.

Dinner was duck hotpot, also recommended by my friend. The diners were mainly locals when we were there and I took it as a good sign. The flavorsome duck soup was impressive. They offer reasonably priced live seafood, we got some prawns and bamboo clams, both were marvellous. The highlight however was their vegetables. We ordered the recommended vegetable platter which was excellent.

Brunch at Dim Sum Bar the next day. These Crispy Beef Puffs “Bags” were really cute and flaky.

Till we meet again, Hong Kong.

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