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My travel companions and I has an incurable disease. Shop-till-we-drop disease. We’ve been travelling together rather frequently, at least one trip a year so we kind of know each other’s weaknesses. No matter how much efforts we put in to planning the itinerary in such a way that shopping should never exceed 50% of the entire trip, we habitually failed to follow through. Time and again, we were being carried away by the alluring stores and lost track of time, especially meal times which was really a horrible thing when we finally hear the protest from our stomachs. On numerous occasions, we shamelessly failed to show up at the restaurants we pre-booked prior to the trip because we were stuck in the department store. This trip to Fukuoka, we did it again. We failed to turn up at two dining places we’d pre-booked. So much to shop, so little time.

Thankfully, we managed to make it to Tsumons, at least. This was one of our MUST visit place because;
1. We love wine
2. We love soufflé
3. We heard this place pair soufflé with wine. Perfect.

Tsumons is a wine and sweets bar located near the heart of Fukuoka. Run by Yuki, the patissier and sommelier of the calm and cozy bar. She is also the one to whip up your fluffy soufflé right in front of you and the assortment of little crafted treats display on the front row counter.



The soufflé would take about 30 minutes to make so we ordered the savory cheese tartlette and chocolate cube cake off the shelf to go with the wine while waiting for the soufflé. The cheese tart was marvellous, so was the chocolate cake which was enjoyable and not cloyingly sweet. The highlight was really the soufflé and the wine. We ordered a plain and another with extra cheese, both were remarkable but we liked the extra cheese better, it went really well with the fabulous white wine recommended by Yuki.


Extra Cheese Soufflé

All the seatings in the bar are designed to face the counter, which allows you to watch the chef in action and also get personal and have a little chat with friendly Yuki. I really love the concept at Tsumons, it was a truly memorable experience.


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