Cheat’s Affogato

espresso pourover 1affogato cropIf I can only choose one style of coffee as my favorite, it will be Affogato. Cold ice cream floating in hot espresso, creamy sweetness melting into the black intoxicating bitters. I want to slow down and savor the wonderful hot, cold, bitter, sweet contrast but minutes of indulgence are often short for a dessert like this. Small as it can be, one serving is never enough.

glass cropsalted caramel ice cream crop

This classic Italian dessert coffee is simple yet uncommon in cafes and bistros. Something I can’t understand. It isn’t a complicated fix, just good coffee + good ice cream. Sometimes a few chocolate chip.

starbucks via coffee

Resorting to making it at home is thus natural. Not to worry if you lack of equipments. No espresso machine? No ice cream maker? Come join my cheat’s club and fix an affogato in just 1 minute. I won’t call this a recipe. It is just a delicious cheating idea.

cheat's affogato 3cheat's affogato 2 - Copy

Cheat’s Affogato with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

I choose salted caramel ice cream simply because of my love for caramel latte, so I thought the choice could be equally lovely. Gladly, it was. To make it more interesting, I’ve added lightly toasted silvered almonds and a drizzle of vanilla bourbon caramel, but they are optional. If you have fancier ideas for add-ins, just toss them in by all means.

        affogato ingredients-2affogato crop

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  1. I can’t find the Vanilla Bourbon Caramel Sauce. Can you give me the brand name?
    Thanks. Julia

    1. vanillyn Author says:

      Hi Julia, I bought mine from a local bakery store called PV Bakery. Not sure where are you residing but I think you could use just about any caramel sauce & I am sure it will taste good too. 🙂

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